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    Every Child Deserves Their Basic Rights

    Join the youth-run movement and get involved with EveryChildNow to have an impact today

  • About Us

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    Who We Are

    We are a national youth-run non-profit organization (based in Oakville, ON) that fights for children's rights through our development projects, campaigns and events. We inspire and empower young people to follow their passion by equipping them with the resources and tools they need to provide children all around the world with their basic needs.

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    Our Story

    In 2012, Vishal and Ishan Vijay witnessed extreme poverty first hand in India. After spending time with underprivileged street kids, the brothers decided to start a small non-profit to help the kids that they had met. What started as a small group of 5 friends has now grown into a national organization actively working to protect and promote children's rights in Canada and around the world.

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    Our Values

    We believe in the power that young people have to change the world. Since the very beginning, empathy, compassion and acceptance are forces that we believe shape who we are and what we can accomplish. In all the work that we do, we uphold our core values.

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    Our Bill of Rights

    1. EQUALITY: every child has the right to be treated with equality, no matter their race, religion, national origin, gender, sexuality or physical appearance

    2. BASIC NEEDS: every child has a right to the basic necessities of education, food, health care, shelter, water

    3. PROTECTION: every child has the right to be protected from neglect, abuse, injustice, bullying and exploitation

    4. ACCEPTANCE: every child has the right to voice their feelings and opinions and to grow in an environment of understanding, acceptance and friendship

  • Our Mission

    "to inspire and empower youth to become agents of social change and to ensure that every child’s basic needs and rights are met"

  • Meet the Team

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    Vishal Vijay

    Co-Founder & CEO


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    Ishan Vijay

    Co-Founder & COO


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    Sonia Kish

    VP of Social Educating


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    Angie Antonio

    Director of Projects


  • Our Holistic Approach: The 5 Basic Needs

    Education. Food. Health Care. Shelter. Water.


    When these basic needs are met, children can break the cycle of poverty and create a new cycle of progress for themselves.

    Our emergency response initiatives and development projects focus on making sure that these issues are addressed.


    Our work focuses on three main areas:

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    Engaging Our Generation

    We've never believed that you're too young to change the world. That's why we focus on inspiring and empowering our generation to become agents of change. We do this through workshops & speeches, school clubs & community chapters and Project Inspire Me. We create and distribute free resources and tools youth can use to change the world, while also mentoring them from our own experience. Once a young person is inspired, they can have an impact.

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    Development Projects & Campaigns

    Our development projects (like a school house, water well or state-of-the-art computer lab) are permanent structures that are made sustainable through community involvement. Our campaigns work to raise awareness and supplies to provide immediate aid to those in need. Hundreds of children's and their families directly rely on our development projects and campaigns every day to receive their basic needs, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives.

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    Having Important Conversations

    We've always believed that young people aren't just the leaders of tomorrow, we're the leaders of today. We know that if we really want to see a change in children's rights for the better, we need to influence national & international policy makers and 'people in charge' to care more about our rights and we need to raise awareness about issues affecting children. We focus on research, outreach and engagement, which all come together for a powerful form of advocacy.

  • Our Impact

    And we're just getting started


    People inspired


    Dollars raised


    Supplies Collected


    Families Directly Aided

  • Get Involved

    Have an impact the way that you want to ... Contact us

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    Participate in a Campaign or Start Your Own

    Campaigns are a great way to get involved! We're always looking for new ideas.


    To start your own campaign, contact us and we'll help you with the resources and mentorship to put it into action. We may even roll it out across Canada so hundreds of people can join in!

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    Hold Your Own Fundraiser

    Birthday party for a cause? Halloween turned socially conscious?


    Fundraise with ECN and we'll connect you with the resources you need to engage your community. We'll work with our development partners to make your project happen. We'll also send you photos of the impact that your work has to share with friends and family.

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    School Clubs

    Start Your Own Club or Community Chapter

    Want to have an impact all year round? Bring ECN to your school so your friends and you can work together to take action!


    We'll work with you to create your campaigns and support the work that do by providing mentorship, valuable resources and a platform for change.

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    Youth Speakers

    Book a Speaker

    We have spoken to audiences of all sizes to speak to 165,000+ about children's rights and the work that we do. Contact us to have us come speak at your school, office place or to hold a workshop.


    Speech topics, testimonials and other resources are available.

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    Join Our Teen Summer Volunteer Program

    Our interns are changing the world while gaining valuable business skills, building their resumes and earning volunteer hours.


    For positions, hours and more information on the program, contact us.

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    Volunteer at Events & Initiatives

    Opportunities range from assembling school supply kits from a campaign or running the registration desk for a event.


    Contact us to hear about meaningful volunteer opportunities in Oakville, ON.

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    Corporate Sponsorship

    Support us with monetary or in-kind donations

    By donating to ECN, you will be supporting our mission to provide every child with their basic needs.


    Tax receipts and corporate recognition are available.

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    Wear Your Passion

    Help spread the message with branded merchandise

    Wear what you care about! All proceeds go to support ECN's work.


    T-Shirts, Hoodies, Gloves + more! Just contact us :)

  • Current Campaigns and Events

    See below for new opportunities to get involved


    From social media challenges to welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada to even shipping school supplies to children in India, we have lots of campaigns that make having an impact easy.


    New campaigns are released every few months with a new action that you and your friends can take.


    For more info on a campaign, contact us.

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    Read, Write, Repeat

    Spread awareness about children's rights

    Take action by collecting new notebooks, new pencils & pens, and new/gently used books & novels. They will be given to children in your community.

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    Every Child Deserves...

    Spread awareness about children's rights

    Show the world that you care by posting a photo while holding up "Every Child Deserves ________ Now." You fill in the blank ;)


    Be sure to put #EveryChildNow in the caption to be featured!

  • Project Inspire Me (Coming Soon)

     We've interviewed dozens of people and they have a lot to share with you We created #ProjectInspireMe to engage youth and to cultivate a spirit of self-improvement by sharing the experiences and advice of some of the world’s most famous change-makers. This is your place for inspiration, motivation, and world-changing awesomeness. Interviews with: Magic Johnson, Martin Sheen, Monique Coleman, Martin Luther King III, President Vincente Fox, Margaret Trudeau, Kofi Annan, Bridgit Mendler, Penny Oleksiak, Nelly Furtado, Chief Sean Atleo, DEGRASSI Cast, ...and more.

    There are no published blog posts yet.

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    Every donation makes a difference

  • Contact Us

    Want to start a ECN club at your school? Join a campaign? Book a speaker?

    Reach out to us!

    511 Maple Grove Dr, PO 61042, Oakville, ON, Canada